Sunday, July 11, 2010

Corporate Mission & Vision Statements

Most of us know what is a mission and vision, yet struggle to articulate one. To assist my client, a year ago, in setting corporate mission and vision statements, I drew a diagram using a mind map software. Posting them here as it could be of help to people looking for 'how to prepare Mission & Vision statements'. Also I can learn from their feedback.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

If you have any queries or like to discuss on these post them under comments.


Uday Arur said...

Excellent mindmap - simplifies the concept immensely! Liked all your other mindmaps too!


N.Balajhi said...

Thank you sir for your appreciation. I use mindmaps to think and present thoughts. I have been using them for quite sometime. As you put it, it helps them to simplify a concept.

prashant said...

Thanks to articles I have read here, beginning to understand better what I'm doing. Or supposed to be doing. Thank you.

Balajhi Narayanasami said...

Nice to hear Prashant. Wishing you good luck.


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